Monday, September 15, 2008

Nathan Brock has arrived

Nathan arrived 3 and 1/2 weeks early at 5:40pm on September 10th! He weighed 6lbs and 13 oz. He was 20 1/2 inches long. We are so happy to have him here. Nathan's birth was not what I had expected at all! I went into labor on my own on the 9th. I didn't realize I was having any contractions at all. I just knew I was having back pain that was coming in waves. Well, I thought I better time my back pains just in case. They were about 5-6 minutes apart, but not painful at all. I let Brock know that I though I was having contractions, but wasn't convinced it was the real thing because it was still sooo early. I did what all the doctor's tell you to do, I drank some water and laid on my left side to see if they would go away. They didn't. They actually got a lot worse. I stayed awake all night as they intesified. Brock left for work the morning of the 10th and I was up with him. I told him I was still having contractions and they were getting more intense, but that I still wasn't convinced I was in labor. So I sent him off to work. Three hours later things were starting to picked up and I knew I was in labor. So I jumped in the shower and then started packing my bags. I then called the hospital and they said to come on in. I called Brock to let him know it was time. And seriously 2 minutes later he was home. We left for the hospital soon after. Brock was still in his uniform and we went to the hospital by way of police car! (I get the special treatment) I got to labor and delivery about 7:00am. Contractions were 2 minutes apart. They decided to let me walk the halls to get things going a bit more, before they admitted me. As I did this, my pain started to become really intense. I was having to clutch the railings in the hallway and really breathe through them, but they were still bearable as long as I had a break between them. By 10:45 I was finally admitted. My parents arrived and Brock, them and I were all hanging out in the labor and delivery room. I finally got and epidural (heaven!) and the doc came into break my water. Well when he did this, he went to see how dialated I was, and instead of feeling a head, he felt his butt. An ultrasound confirmed his postition. My doctor was great at explaining the reason I was going to need a c-section. I was really upset, but Brock and my parents really helped to calm me down. Because, I did NOT want a c-section. I had to wait for a few hours before I got my c-section because of an emergency before me. They finally took me back to the operating room around 4:45pm. They gave me an extra boost of the epidural so that I wasn't able to move my legs. Well, I couldn't move my legs, but I could still feel pain when they went to do the pinch test. It took 3 more boosters of the epidural and several localized injections before I couldn't feel the pain of the pinch test. They started talking to me about putting me under generalized anesthesia, but I began to cry, since it is a terrible fear of mine to do that. T The surgery finally began and Brock was at my side. I felt a lot of tugging and pulling. It was a strange and surreal experience. His head was very much stuck and the pressure of the doctors getting Nathan out was insane. Finally, after several minutes of attempting to get him out, I heard his sweet cry. Brock was so excited he was about to jump out of his skin. He went off to take pictures of Nathan and hold him. Suddenly, I began to feel the blood drain from my face. I started getting lightheaded and dizzy and I couldn't breathe. The anesthesiologist started to give me extra boosters of epinephrine. I knew my blood pressure was dropping. Brock later told me that several doctors and nurses appeared out of nowhere in the room and they were working on me. The nurse anesthetist stayed by myside and had me squeeze his hand every minute or so to make sure I was okay. I knew something was extremely wrong and told Brock to pray. After sewing me up and stablizing me, I was wheeled into the recovery room for a couple hours. I couldn't see my family or the baby til I got to me room. My sweet nurse was trying to hard to get me to sleep in recovery, but I knew that if I went to sleep, I wouldn't wake up to see Brock, my parents, or hold the baby that night. So I desperately stayed awake to do so. Mom and Brock were waiting for me when I got to my room. They wheeled Nathan in and I was finally able to hold him. It was such an amazing experience and I'm so glad I stayed awake. He was so tiny! Our little miracle. The recovery time in the hospital was spent in a lot of pain. I had difficulties with my IV and had to have it removed due to streaking up my arm. The nurses were great and very helpful with everything. Brock was also great at kicking the staff out and letting me sleep. We are so happy to be home and to have a healthy little boy!


  1. I am so glad to hear that you guys are home and doing well. Nathan is beautiful! We are so excited for you guys.

    So sorry to hear about your rough delivery experience. Hope you are feeling much better now! The first two days after my c-sections were always the worst for me. I felt like things got better once I got through those.

    Can't wait to see some new pics of the little man! Congratulations!

  2. I'm glad that everything turned out well for you guys and that Nathan is safe and sound at home now! He is too adorable!! Can't wait to see more pictures! Isn't it wonderful being a mom? What a blessing!!
    Julie Malone

  3. congratulations on your sweet baby boy! i hate that your delivery was so difficult... but i am glad that you and nathan are doing so well. :) he is very handsome and i know you just are mesmerized by him. i can't wait to watch him grow!!!

  4. That story was amazing! I loved reading it! I am glad that you are okay and so is Nathan. C-section recovery is no fun at all (I had one with Ethan). I am still numb down there. I can't wait to see more pictures and hear how it is going! Keep us posted!