Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Prayers Please

Please say a prayer for my sweet nephew "Mikey" Michael. He is going to Children's Hospital in Milwaukee tomorrow morning to have surgery for a hernia. My sister and the whole family is nervous about his upcoming surgery. Mikey came down with a cough last night and today, so hopefully they will still do the surgery tomorrow. He really needs it done too, as the hernia is getting worse as the days go on. Please pray for him tonight and tomorrow!


  1. i will say a prayer for everyone!!! it's not easy to send your baby back for surgery. we did it with brooke...i remember it well. let us know how he does! i see your dad in him in that pic. he's a cutie! and speaking of cuties...nathan is a doll...so handsome! i love reading about all of your adventures. what fun! :) hold him a little longer for me. i miss my baby lovin'! :)

  2. How did everything turn out with the surgery? I've been praying them!