Saturday, September 27, 2008

We did it!

Today was Brock's first day back at work since Nathan was born. Nathan and I had the house all to ourselves all day long and guess what? We survived! I have to admit, I was a little nervous about this day, but Nathan did great. Now, me on the otherhand I'm exhausted. Nathan had been up all night long last night wanting to eat every hour and a half. The feeding frenzy continued today. I'm pretty sure Nathan is going through a growth spurt. He was also a bit fussy all morning long. Swaddling, rocking, the paci, clean diaper, nothing worked to calm him down. I was able to get him finally to sleep by putting him in the Hotsling and vacuuming. The baby finally passed out. He is up to eating 3 oz now too! Whew! He is a hungry growing boy! Elizabeth and Jared stopped by today too! It was great seeing them. I'm so excited for them too because they just found out they are having a little girl! Hopefully, Nathan and little baby girl Harris will be good friends.


  1. that's so great! he looks so much like his daddy

  2. I know how scary that can be! Way to go! It made me feel like a real mommy once Emerson and I made it through the day alone without Tucker and without anyone helping me! Congrats!