Wednesday, January 21, 2009

But baby it was cold outside.

Let me preface this post by saying, I hate Walmart. I try my hardest not to contribute to the monopoly that Walmart has become. I only shop there on an as needed emergency basis. Yesterday was one of those times. Seeing as how it was 25 degrees outside, I chose to dress Butterbean in a nice warm sleeper with a baby bunting thingy to go over it. He does not like to wear clothes so, having this on made him one miserable baby. Sweet baby made it through the entire Walmart experience without so much as a single fuss. He cooed at the college students bumping into my cart gawking at him. He smiled at the elderly gentleman who wanted to carry on an hour long conversation with me. He squealed at the bright lights. We get home. I place him down. I unload groceries. I look at him and saw this exact face: Pitiful baby, complete with a bit of milky drool. I knew then it was time to take off the clothes. To return him to his happy naked state of Nathan.


  1. haha. you're gonna get a call from the cops when he's a teenager saying they found him streaking somewhere. didn't your sister's oldest have a problem with getting naked too? i think he tried to take off his pants at your bridal tea...

  2. I'm pretty sure all boys like to be naked. So you'll have to prepare for it Camille. And yes, Caleb still likes to strip every chance he gets.