Monday, January 19, 2009

Let's talk Lifestyle

I'm obsessed with John and Kate plus 8. Love them, love their kids, love the show. Each week I watch in amazement as they continue on with their daily lives with those adorable kids. What makes them so fascinating? Is it their large family, the cuteness of the kids, their family dynamics and how they interact with each other? hmmm? As I was laying down to sleep last night, I figured out why I loved the show so much. I see a piece of myself in them. In a strange way I strive to be as organized as Kate. I long to have my house in order working as a fine tuned machine. I want desperately to have my floors clean enough you can eat off of them. My husband reminds me of John. Nonchalant about everything, laid back, whatever happens kind-a guy. mmmkay. I figured it out. Then I started thinking. . . (in my fuzzy pre-dreamland thoughts), if I could pick a completely different lifestyle what would I pick. Well, I wouldn't want to be filthy rich. It would be nice to have all the money in the world, but money isn't everything. I surely don't want to live like the Duggars with 18, 19, 20 or however many children they have now. But then I figured it out. I'd want to be Amish. Live with out electricity, tv, phones, cars. Take all of that away. They are just distractions anyway. When I get to the root of what I want in life it takes me to my family. When you take everything out of your life and have just family, you have everything you need. Imagine how much you'd know about each other. How awesome would it be that you showed up to visit your friend/ family member in person rather than calling them on the phone, or writing an email (even more impersonal). Wouldn't that be awesome? You'd spend so much more quality time with the persons you love and care about. In summation, the whole point of this post, I want things to be more simple in my life. A little less about distractions and little more about what I love the most. Family and friends.

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