Monday, May 4, 2009

Not Me Monday!

So for the first time, I thought I would participate in McMama's Not Me Monday Movement! (whew, say that three times fast) So here it goes: This week I most certainly did not see a spider hanging in between my car and a bush and walk all the way around to the passenger side and climb over the seat to get into the driver's seat. I'm certainly not that deathly afraid of spiders I would ever do such a thing. Not me! I also did not put sunscreen on the Butterbean and The Mr. before going out to the park and forget to put it on myself. And I did not get the most painful sunburn on my shoulders and back. Yeah for Vitamin D! I, of course, did not sanitize every toy of the Butterbean's and every door knob and pretty much everything in my house because Swine Flu could be growing on it. Because then I would be giving into that mass hysteria and that would just be crazy right? I also did not take a break from not sanitizing everything to watch part of a Hannah Montana marathon. That would just be weird that someone my age would find Hannah Montana hilarious. Weird. I also did not have finals all week and instead of making my own organic baby food for the babe went out and bought some. Of course I did not feel extremely guilty as I scooped that store bought into his mouth. It's not like it's poison or something. I would never dance spastically around my kitchen singing absurdly loud because it made my 7 month old child laugh hysterically. Nope not me! I would never do such a thing. Because that would be so immature. There you have it. My shameless Not me confessions of the week! Enjoy. Now, what do you have to fess up?

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