Monday, June 8, 2009

Before I forget,

I want to tell my sweet baby boy, Happy 9 months! Time has flown by! Little boy, you are such a precious blessing to your daddy and me! You are an absolute joy! It is amazing to have watched you grow into the baby you are right now. You are quite the "momma's" boy now. Seperation anxiety has set in and I can't even leave the room for a minute with out you crying. (Let's hope you break this habit soon.)
You really study your toys now. I notice you staring and contemplating how they work. You love to be tickled and laugh. But as soon as I pull out the camera, you become very serious and concerned.
You have become fearless, lunging for toys and usually ending up flat on your face. Sometimes you shed tears, sometimes you are very brave. I never know what your reaction will be.
I fallen in love with you more every day! I love you and Happy 9 months!


  1. I can't believe he is 9 months old already! Time have flown by. And he just gets cuter every single day.

  2. How is he already 9 months?! He is absolutely adorable!

  3. Thanks you guys! Camille, yes those are baby legs, the best invention ever! He wears those when I'm too lazy to put pants on him and when he's scooting around on the floor to protect his knees!

  4. i think he's looking more and more like you! :) he's adorable!!! and how cute are those baby legs...i wish i had know about those when my kiddos were smaller.