Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Well hello again

"Well hello again!" That's what I said to myself in the mirror yesterday morning. I actually feel like my old self again. I had 9 solid hours of sleep, a shower, and breakfast. I've also had a touch of post partum depression (gasp) since the Butterbean was born. I can't believe I said it. And I also can't believe I've admitted it to you all, my dear readers.
With that said, I'm beginning to feel like my old self again. Thank goodness!
We are back home, here in the armpit of the south. I still have a ton of unpacking, cleaning, household stuff to do. But, we are settling back into our everday routine.
In the midst of all the mess around here, I started reading the Twilight books. The first two I read in three days, I'm on the third one now. I can't believe I gave in and actually began reading these. But I have to admit, they are pretty good.
The Butterbean has been so smiley lately. He's beginning to make goofy faces and loves to look at himself in the mirror making these faces. This past week he has begun to say "uh-oh" when he drops something. But usually it comes out as a silent "uh" followed by a quiet, yet present, "oh"
Have I mentioned that he sings E-I-E-I-O? I'm pretty sure it's the cutest thing ever. And when I catch it on video and post it for you, I'm pretty sure you will agree with me. And then you can thank me. Usually I start off by singing "Old MacDonald had a farm, then I pause, and he sings EIEI-O!"
And my baby has a deep passion for swinging. We went to several playgrounds while up north and everytime I would take him out of the swing he would fuss and then try to reach toward the swing. The Mr. and I would like to install some type of swing aparatus in our backyard for his first birthday. (gasp, again) Is he really almost 1?


  1. The first step is to admit it! I'm glad you are feeling back to your normal self. It's got to feel good to be you again.

    And I can't wait for video of Nathan singing! It sounds positively adorable!

    Glad you guys are back home and getting back into your routine.

  2. we're gonna need a video of that EIEIO business.

  3. Glad you are doing well!! The swinging could keep him busy for hours..that is great!! I haven't read the Twilight books but have heard great things about them.