Monday, August 3, 2009

Lazy Sunday!

Well our Sunday wasn't entirely lazy. I believe some were more lazy than others around our house. The Butterbean started off the day by gabbing in his crib unitl I went to pick him up and feed him breakfast. Then we played and he went down for a nap. Meanwhile, I took a shower and got ready for church. We left for church, dropped the babe off in the nursery, worshipped, and then picked him up. The nursery staff reporting that he growled the whole time, but was very good and easy going. (Yes, my child loves to growl) Then The Mr, Butterbean, and myself went grocery shopping. Yay for food! After getting home we ate lunch, layed the Butterbean down for a nap, enjoyed a nice long thunderstorm and about started napping ourselves. While, the Butterbean slept, I cleaned, folded laundry, just did a bunch around the house. So who exactly was lazy around your house then, you ask? Well, He is the smallest member of our family to be exact.

It's Copper! And he decide to take up residence in our laundry basket.
At least the blanket is dirty.


  1. He is NOT happy with you bothering him! Yikes! Zoey used to do that all the time before we were married and she was at my ILs house. She'd do it in clean clothes too though. :P

  2. How cute. I miss my Copper whopper!!!!

  3. Copper is so cute! My B-I-L went to Auburn. Yep, pretty hot down there!

  4. Our little dog loves to get in the blankets too. He likes is warm since he is from Mexico and all that.