Saturday, September 5, 2009

The baby of many faces

It is true that the Butterbean is a very talented face maker. He has about 50 different faces that he makes on an everyday basis. So I thought, I'd capture a few on camera for you and post them. Here is face #1: The contentment face. Usually made when content and playing on the floor with his toys. Face #2: The courtesy smile. Usually given to strangers, when he's not quite sure what to do, or when he mommy sticks a point and shoot camera in his face and tells him to smile.
Face #3: The "Really? Will you please stop taking my picture with that horribly bright flash" face.
Face #4: The "I now stick my nose up at you face" This usually happens when, he's getting frustrated. For example, when his mommy continues with the point and shoot bright flash chaotic madness.
Face #5: The "why is there a cow standing right by me" face. This face is rather serious in the studying of cows and their existence.
Face #6: The Pout. Oh so pitiful and sad, but usually followed by screaming for a bottle and food.
Face #7: The Ham. And a ham, he is.
Oh, my sweet baby and his many faces. And these aren't even half of them.


  1. Goodness he is so cute!! I love the "will you stop taking my picture" face.

  2. I can not believe how grown up he looks! I mean it seems like just a week or so ago he still looked very much like a baby...and now he's looking like a little man! Holy cow that happened fast.

  3. I just came across your blog and had to stop by when I saw Auburn in the title. Love the pictures.. WAR EAGLE!!