Saturday, September 19, 2009

What a week!

What a week! And boy are we sure glad it's over with! The Butterbean has been sick. And I mean not just any type of runny nose, cough sick. I mean high fever take you to the ER kind of sick. And that's just what we did.
Poor baby was lethargic, running a high fever, vomiting, shivering, and came down with a terrible rash. So last Saturday morning, I ended up calling the doc, who in turn suggested that we meet him in the ER.
After a follow up appt on Monday, we discovered that the Butterbean had a terrible case of the hand/foot/mouth disease. It's actually a pretty nasty virus and is highly contagious. Dr. G. reassured me that it wasn't the type that could cause heart problems. So we are very thankful for that. Chances are he picked it up at his school, were he goes to play a couple times a week.
The poor Butterbean has been living off of jello, popsicles, yogurt and anything cold this week. He has a terrible sore throat with blisters in the back of it caused by the virus. So sad! But the past couple days he's been eating a lot better and starting to get back to his normal self!!!! Yay!
Speaking of normal self, did you know what he did?? He crawled on all fours. Let me tell you this story.. . .
Last week when he was so terribly sick, I had just given him some Motrin and put him down on the floor for a second. I turned my back and heard some rustling at our dresser in our bedroom. The baby had made a bee-line for the dresser to play with the handles. He was crawling fast on all fours! It was like he'd been doing that for several months. Then he noticed I was looking at him and he flopped down on his belly. He's sneaky. . . very very very sneaky. I wonder how long he's been crawling now and his been hiding this from us.
And apparently he's a pro at pulling up too. Oh yeah, the baby crawls right on over to what ever he wants now and pulls up like he's done it a thousand times! I don't know about you, but if this sneakiness keeps up, we are going to have major issues when he turns 16. I'm just saying.
Despite all this craziness, we did have him a little birthday party. We just had family over to celebrate, because I didn't want anyone else to catch what he had. I think he had a good time. And boy did he get a lot of great things. I'll have to post those pictures later. But for now, here are a couple pics to hold you over:
The wonderful cake! It was made by a friend of mine, Candice. If you live by me and you need a cake, I'll give you her number. Let me know!


  1. I love it! So glad he's feeling better. You definitely need to be prepared for when he's 16 with his ways of sneakery :)

  2. What a cute cake! I hate that little buddy has been so sick. Glad he is starting to feel better!

  3. You sneaky little boy!! That's so funny though. He just doesn't want to be a show off! That is all. Love the cake and I can't wait to see more pictures.

    P.S. Glad he is feeling better!