Saturday, October 10, 2009

How time does fly. . .

I can't believe it's October. Fall is officially here! I love Fall. By far my favorite time of year. . . besides winter of course. I just wish we actually had a Fall here. We seem to skip Fall and go straight into a mild mild mild winter here. It's hard to put out the pumpkins in 85-90 degree weather.
But despite the humidity and heat lately, the leaves have begun to change. Yay! So beautiful.
The Butterbean and I have kept ourselves very busy lately. This past week the Mr. was out of town and I had clinicals or class everyday. The Butterbean went to school and played with all the other kiddos there!
Have I told you he has developed a music preference? Yep, sure has. He's not a fan of country, rock, rap(not that we even listen to that mess), or any other radio station around here. Nope. My babe looooooves gospel music. And we are talking about the southern, stand in your seats, running down the aisles, Mariah Carey backup choir, Praise Jesus as loud as you can, gospel music. Yep. He does!
We were driving around the other day and everytime I would change the radio station he would scream and say "no, no, no". But when I stopped on a gospel station, he stopped and started dancing and clapping. Later on, when I went to go pick up the Butterbean from school, they were playing gospel in his classroom. And all the kiddos were playing, dancing, laughing, etc. Now, I know where he got it from.
And he's actually beginning to use words! So far he has mastered, "mommy", "dada", "da" (dog), "uh-oh" (he uses this for when he throws something at you. Yeah honey, that's not an uh-oh) "bye-bye", "hi", " Yay!" and "airplane". yep. He says airplane, as clear a day. I know he loves airplanes, I just didn't think he could say it.


  1. You're not allowed to be busy anymore. I haven't talked to you in forever. Enjoy your pretend fall ;) It's cool up here today and I'm loving it!!

  2. Haha! I love when they say "uh-oh" like it want an accient. Yea right!

  3. I love that picture of Spanky. It was good to see you the other day at Aunt Linda's. We missed you over the weekend.