Friday, January 15, 2010

Conversations of Strangers

So while out in the public eye, I'm very leery of talking on my cell phone. I try to avoid any type of eaves droppers from hearing what I have to say. Though I may live my life this way, I know others do not. This past week I heard a bunch of interesting conversations had by willing strangers dishing out their dirt. Little did they know, who was listening. Seriously people, watch what you say in public. Stranger Danger #1 (female, early 30's in Hobby Lobby): Yes Honey, I know we don't have any money in our account. pause. Well I'll just put anything I get on my credit card. pause. That's why you have a job! My interpretation: Yes, I know we are broke but I'm going to make us even more broke by spending our non existing money on crafts at Hobby Lobby. And you have a job to support my bad habits. Ouch! I bet that took a bite out of that husband. Stranger Danger #2 (female, teenager in Kroger): Like, I know we aren't getting along, Stacy said what? I just don't understand. pause. And condoms, okay I'll get those too. But I really don't know if he likes me, I'm really not sure, How about some M&M's and chips to go along with it ::giggle:: and whipped cream. (she finally took a breath here) But what happens if James says he doesn't. . . I finally got out of that aisle. I don't have an interpretation here, but she sure did make my head hurt. I bet her mom is real proud of her don'tcha think? Yikes! So what sort of conversations have you heard lately?


  1. Oh wow!! I will have to do some close listening from now on to the people around me.

  2. Haha! That actually made me LOL!!

    Hi, btw, I'm Christina...visiting from MckMama's Community!!

  3. Luckily I cannot hear well enough to overhear!! hahaha. But I too do not like being on the phone in public places ~ even though my conversations are pretty boring compared to the ones you hear!