Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Now that things have settled. . .

Now that we are finally back into the everyday groove, I have time to update you on a whirlwind December 2009. It began as I finished up my second semester of nursing school! (Supposedly the hardest from many who have undergone it before, but we shall see). After finishing 2nd semester the Butterbean and I visited Birmingham for a while to help out my mom and dad with my nephew, Thing 1. We had several days where I took Thing 1 and The Butterbean to various attractions around the city. We went to the McWane Center, I Jump (inflatable jump zone), and the mall to ride the carousel. I think the boys had a blast! Just as everyone was about to come into town and stay at my parents' house, this happened: My parents tried to get on the county's sewer system a while back, but they didn't let them. So they have a septic tank. Apparently all the lines went bad. Which caused flooding in their laundry room with, you guessed it. . . yeah, I'll just leave it at that. ewwww. You can tell by the look on my dad's face that he is thrilled. ha! He loves his yard. And he was grimacing with each dig of the backhoe. As I was taking pictures, I told him that one day he would look and laugh. This is the look he gave me. And this, ladies and gents, is where I get my "side-eye" look from. Thanks Dad!

Anyhoo, the problem was fixed. We could finally take a shower, use the toilet, brush our teeth, run the dishwasher, do laundry, and take a bath. Whew! It's amazing how you need water to survive!

I still have many pictures to share so stay tuned!

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  1. We had to do this at our house before we moved to Birmingham. What a mess it is!! No fun watching them dig up your yard!