Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Wonderful Winter Weather

One good thing about living in the deep south, is that we get incredible winter weather. Though I prefer to play in snow and freezing cold temperatures during winter (my favorite winter activity is snow skiing), I do enjoy a beautiful Alabama winter's day. I'm talking gorgeous, bright, blue skies and a high close to 60 degrees. It gives such a wonderful break to the dreary, drizzly 40 degree weather days we've been having. And trust me friends, that drizzly weather stinks like a skunk stuck in a garbage can.
So yesterday, the Butterbean and I took a little walk around the neighborhood to soak up some much needed Vitamin D.
We then met up with some friends at the park. The Butterbean crawled around in the dirt, climed up stairs, slid down a slide, crawled through a tunnel, and of course spent time swinging besides his friends. (And I got some much needed "mommy time" chatting with the other moms).

The Butterbean discovered that playing peek-a-boo around the "ice cream shop" at the playground was so much fun!

Today, we are back to our drizzly winter weather. But it was oh so wonderful having a beautiful day to play out it in. Maybe we'll venture to Petco today to see the fish. (I've been trying to teach him about fish lately). Sounds fun right?


  1. I am so jealous, we live in the Midwest and I am SO over the cold and snow! What I wouldn't do for a sunny 60 degree day. :)

    Stopped over from blogfrog and wanted to say HI, you little man is SO adorable! :)

  2. He just looks so content on the swings! Hopefully the nice weather will be back soon!