Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Butterbean and a Wedding

So the Butterbean had his first wedding experience as a toddler today.  He wasn't quite sure what to think about it at first. But after he warmed up to his surroundings, I do believe he had a good time. And here's some proof:

He started off the ceremony sitting in his Paw-Paw's lap. From there he was able to get a good look at the other people around him and of course the other kiddos across the aisle from us.

After munching on a snack of strawberries, crackers, cheese, and a few nibbles of carrot sticks, he decided it was time to try his luck on the dance floor.  He was smitten with this little lady here:

          (oh, and did you notice his little Chuck Taylor's.  I have to say, he's dressed to impress)

We made several attempts at a family picture during the reception, and these were the best.  Can you tell the Butterbean was still in dancing mode?

The Butterbean even went up to the musician to check out the guitar and gear.  Luckily, the singer was kid friendly and pulled him right up into his lap where the Butterbean sat contently for a couple songs.  During "Sweet Melissa", he even gave the Butterbean a chance to sing.  He tried. I'm thinking he has a strong interest in music and may become a singer one day.

The wedding was absolutely beautiful and we had such a good time with family and friends.  And I think the Butterbean had a great time.  I mean this is what we saw 10 minutes into our 2 hour car ride home:

Success?  I think so.

Congratulations K &S!


  1. Oh my gosh. His outfit was precious! The Chuck Taylors were a perfect touch!

  2. Oh my goodness.. he is so stinkin cute! What a cute little guy in his tie. I love it!! He looks like he was loving the dance floor. He is going to be the ladies man one day :)

  3. Oh Kristen don't say that! I know he's going to be a ladies man too, but for now I just want to live in denial! ;)