Saturday, March 13, 2010


So what exactly have we been up to lately? I'm going to show you! It started off with a playdate. This was no ordinary playdate. This playdate consisted of the kiddos bouncing in the Butterbean's crib for two hours. TWO HOURS!!! (I'm pretty sure the baby techno music that my aunt sent the Butterbean had something to do with the mass hysterics at our house that night! ha!) The kiddos laughed hysterically, The Mr. and I laughed hysterically. Fun was had by all. I know the Butterbean was worn out and slept very well that night. Then we began on a little home improvement project. Okay, so not entirely little. We tiled in the backsplash in our kitchen! I rocked the tile saw and slapping that sticky stuff up on the wall. It was a lot easier than I thought it'd be. And I'm so incredibly glad we did it! See: Then the Butterbean came down with one of these:
You see the rash all over his face? Yup. The rash was followed by vomiting and a low grade fever. ewww. But, at least I had a pretty kitchen to admire while the Butterbean threw up in the sink.
So as you can see, we've been pretty busy. But I promise more updates real soon. And yes, the Butterbean is feeling back to himself. He's running around screaming "Mee-mow" (mickey mouse), Poo-ba (my dad), pretending to talk on the phone, and his new word is "milk" as he runs to the fridge.


  1. Glad that little cutie is feeling better. The kitchen looks fantastic!! I love the backsplash. I would love to do something like this in our kitchen someday.

  2. The backsplash looks so good! It makes me want to put one up in our kitchen. Also, I love the first pic. I'll have to get a copy of that from you.

  3. Love the "new" kitchen. I wish my backsplash was diamond instead of just squared. I think it cost more to do the diamond design but it looks soooooooo great. I should have had you do my kitchen. I think now you need to open a backsplashing, photography, social working, cooking, nursing (RN and breast) place.