Friday, April 23, 2010

Eye Candy

I have a love/hate relationship with Springtime. 

I loathe the pollen.  Luckily I'm not allergic to it like a lot of people down here, but it just gets everywhere!  We go outside to play and the pollen blows in my eyes making me feel like there are tiny bits of sand in them.  I want to open up my windows and air out the house, but I can't because with in 30 minutes the inside of the house will have a nice yellow dusting. ::sigh::  Not to mention going outside and getting covered with pollen. 

For example:  The other day I came in from outside, shook out my hair, and watched a yellow dust cloud fall gently from my locks.  (Stop, hammer shower time!)  That's some serious pollen madness out there!

Despite the yellow dusting of everything outside, Spring in the south is full of  eye candy!  We are talking luscious flower gardens, bright colors everywhere, and bumble bees buzzing by. 

See? Beautiful right?

Now, if only we could get the heat and humidity under control.  I'd be a happy camper.  ;)


  1. you are so talented with your photography! i love seeing all of your pictures. butterbean is growing so quickly. he's absolutely adorable. :) i hope that you guys have a good weekend...

  2. I was hoping for baby eye candy. :P
    But the pictures are gorgeous ;)