Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Wish me luck! I have my first speech to give tonight for my speech class.  I think I may vomit.  I hate public speaking.

What's the speech on?  Well it's on Elmo, of course.

But I still may vomit.

Is your teacher strict?  Um, no. She's completely awesome, hilarious, and laid back.

But I still may vomit.

Omg, or I may pass out and vomit.

I hate public speaking. 

Okay, I'm off to vomit.


  1. ugh i refuse to speak in public. unless i'm inebriated. then i speak quite loudly.

  2. It's probably over now.. but I am sure you did great. Things like that make me have a bad stomach ache and start freaking out.

  3. eww, me too! i start sweating and get nauseous if i even have to tell a group of people my name! it's my name... i'm not going to screw it up! i actually switched my major in college so i didn't have to take public speaking. i couldn't have handled it.