Thursday, July 19, 2012

Stuff kids say. . .

So Nathan is quite the talker.  And I mean non-stop talking.  All the time.  Did you hear me?  ALL the time, people!

We get in the car. . . "Did you see the birds, mommy?"  "What does the birds do."  "There's a red light mommy.   Mommy, that means stop.  Now, go mommy, go!"  "Can we listen to music?  I like to go to the store."   (Imagine a play by play of a football game on the radio, and that's my kid)  He's my little play by play sidekick in life, except I can't just hit an "off" button to get a moment of silence in the car.

Since the birth of my youngest, we have traveled to Michigan, Birmingham, Wisconsin, Chicago, Birmingham, Kentucky, Birmingham, Tennessee, Birmingham.  We've been in the car a lot.  So you can imagine my brain at the end of these trips.  Especially with a play by play for 12 hours at a time with no nap. 

Thank goodness he is so darn cute!

And as for Noah, thank goodness he is the happiest baby alive.

Well, that is until we put him in a car seat.  Then it's all downhill from there. . .  

So between the constant talking and crying we have one noisy and lively car.  If you'd like to ever ride in the car with us. . . you were warned. ha! 

And on a side note,  I posted a year ago about having boxes left to unpack in our new house. Yeah, they are still there.  In the same spot.  Unpacked.  And that my friends is how I roll.

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