Thursday, July 31, 2008

Another Doctor's appointment.

I had another appointment today to make sure baby Nathan is on schedule. Well, we found out he is laying transverse. Which I'm not suprised because you can look at my belly and tell how he is laying. The doctor discussed with me my "options" if he does not turn on time. He told me they could try to manually turn him, or c-section. ::shudder:: I'm not sure why the doctor chose to scare me so soon, seeing as how we still have 7-9 weeks left until Nathan gets here. And that leaves him plenty of time to turn, right? Anyways, please say a prayer that Nathan will turn on time and we can avoid a c-section if possible.


  1. don't worry, i'm sure he'll spin around. maybe if you spin in circles, he'll get dizzy and straighten up.

  2. Hey Jennie! So glad to see you have a blog so we can keep up with you and see pictures of sweet baby Nathan! We have a blog as well, so be sure to check in!

    You look too cute in your picture....such a cute pregnant belly. :)


  3. i'm sure he will turn...scott was "diagonal" until the very end. sometimes boys are stubborn like that. :)
    do you still have your chihuahua? brooke really wants a puppy and she has her heart set on a chihuahua, but i don't know much about them. are they super hyper? do you think they would be good with my kids? any info you have would be great!!! thanks! :)