Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Desitin, Desitin, Everywhere

Brock was out and about the other day working and came across a couple that had an English bulldog. Since we have one also, he began asking them about how to care for their wrinkles.
(Lately we've noticed Biscuit's wrinkles have been staying dirty,dingy, and smelly despite the fact that we clean them everyday.) Much to our suprise, the couple uses Desitin to keep their dogs face clean. Who knew??
So while we were out shopping at Target last night, while venturing down the baby aisles, we decided to pick up some Desitin for the dog. Yes, the dog. So last night, we applied Biscuit's very first application of butt cream to his face. He wasn't quite so sure about the smell at first. He kept making these goofy faces, but eventually got used to it.
This morning, I sniffed Biscuit's face to see if it worked. Yes, you read correctly, I smelled his face. I do have to say that the Desitin worked! So pretty soon, I will be using diaper cream on a baby and a dog. ::sigh::
Look at all those wrinkles!
Biscuit's favorite way to sleep.


  1. your loving sisterWednesday, 06 August, 2008

    Thank goodness you are having a baby. Then you will have a good excuse to buy destin.

  2. I've been using Desitin on my bulldogs for years. Our vet recommended it when our American Bulldog had horrible tear stains that we couldn't seem to do anything about. Nothing else worked.

    Now I use it almost daily on our Olde English Bulldogge, Bubba. We use it in the face wrinkles as well as on his neck where his harness rubs no matter what we try to prevent it. I also use it around his back legs where he tends to chafe in the summer.

    Now, I just wish I had an excuse to buy it as well!