Saturday, August 2, 2008

Old Wives Tales

It's funny what you hear from total strangers, or family members when you become pregnant. Like the little old lady in Walmart that comes up to tell you that she just know your having a girl because your carrying high. Or the lady in the doctor's office that tells you that you are carrying just like she did and she had a boy, so you must be having a boy too. One of my favorite old wives tales that a coworker told me was that if you pour Drain-o in the toilet after you use it, if the water turns pink it's a girl, blue/green it's a boy. I seriously laughed at that one. Since when did Drain-o become a scientific method in determining gender! I'll just wait for the ultrasound, thank you! The old wives' tales about the heart rate is false as well. I think if it's under 150 bpm a boy over 150 bpm a girl. (or maybe vice versa, I don't know). Nathan is a healthy little boy that has always had a heart rate above 150. And then there's this one: If you have a lot of heartburn, your baby will be born with a head full of hair. I find this one interesting. How does heartburn determine the numbers of hair on your baby's head? Now I have had very bad heartburn lately. I'll wake up at three in the morning with heartburn so bad that I feel like I need to throw up. (yuck!) Tums have become my best friend. I love that little bottle of artificially flavored chalk. I drink a big glass of milk before going to bed, in hopes to avoid heartburn after laying down. (It works sometimes). I make sure I sit straight up for at least an hour after meals to avoid that ugly burning sensation. One thing is for certain, if this is old wives' tale holds to be true, then I'm having a gorilla. But I promise he will be the most beautiful gorilla I have ever seen. I'm in love with him already.


  1. I have to admit that I did the drain-o test 7 times!! It said boy everytime and look what we had! I did love doing all of those tricks though just for fun! :)

  2. your loving sisterWednesday, 06 August, 2008

    Now you understand why I did not like being pregnant at all. I had heartburn the minute I was pregnant until a couple of months after I had both boys. Oh, be thankful that I live in Chicago now. I would so make you pee on your self like you did to me.
    Ha ha
    love you