Friday, August 1, 2008

Happy August!!!

This time last month I was in beautiful Green Lake, Wisconsin. I spent today reminiscing. The week was spent enjoying the family and the beautiful weather! We had such a great time. I wish I could see everyone more often. I think Nanny would have been really happy we were all together! Here are a few pictures from the week: Sweet Mikey enjoying his birthday cake!
Uncle Paul and Karma sunbathing.
Mikey and Becky
The whole group. (I'm not sure what Caleb is doing in this picture)


  1. when michael has his hat on, he looks like his brother

  2. i can't believe michael is a year old already! he's beautiful and caleb looks like he is full of personality!!! :) thanks for the info on the puppies. i think that we will start really looking at chihuahua breeders. i want a teacup that what you have? how early did you have copper fixed? we are hoping to get a puppy in october for brooke's b'day. we'll see! you'll have a new baby boy and we will have a new puppy. guess we'll both be getting up during the night. ha ha!!! :)