Thursday, August 14, 2008

Is there a pill for that?

So, I had yet another doctor's appointment today. You will be pleased to know that Nathan is right on schedule and doing great. Heartbeat good and strong at 164bpm. During the appointment, the doctor noticed that my leg was bruised. (It's actually quite a pretty one with shades of blue, green and purple). He paused, and then asked me what happened. I casually told him that the vacuum fell on top of my leg and voila, a beautiful bruise. Then he looked at my other leg and noticed yet again another bruise on the top of my foot. He asked me what happened. I explained that a paint can fell on my foot. (It resulted in me hobbling around the house for a couple days). I also explained to him that I recently got stuck (yes, stuck) between our laundry room door and garage. And I had to educate him about the large scratch on the back of my leg from where Biscuit decided to attack a box I was holding and scratched me instead. He started laughing. And explained to me about clumsiness during pregnancy and center of gravity yada yada yada. So I asked him if there was a pill he could prescribe for clumsiness. He said "unfortunately not, but if one becomes available" I would be the first he would prescribe it to. So someone better be working on a pill to solve my accident prone problem. I'm afraid if this pregnancy lasts much longer, I may not survive it.

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