Monday, December 1, 2008

One year ago today . . .

One year ago today we lost my grandmother, Nanny, to a rare form of cancer. I miss her like crazy everyday. I long to get the forwarded emails from her. Nanny used to send these crazy forwards through email. Sometime, I would delete them. But most of the time I would read them. Because they were from her and she had taken the time to read them and thought they were important, so I would read them too. Today, I spent putting up my Christmas tree and thinking about how Nanny loved the holidays. Not so much the days themselves, but what they represented. To her, family was everything. She would say, "I wish everyone could be here, but I am thankful for those that are." Some of her happiest moments were when the entire family (all her children and grandchildren) would be together. I shed a few tears while decorating the tree today, thinking of her and missing her. When we were up at the lake past week, I caught myself looking around the house for her a few times. How she loved the lake and the changing of seasons. I wonder what she would have thought about this years Thanksgiving dinner. One year ago today, I could not even imagine having an 11 week old little boy. He didn't exist one year ago today, nor was he even imagined he could exist. I guess God knew what he was doing and today here he is! Nanny would have been so excited to meet him. Nanny's first granddaughter having a baby. I wonder what she would have thought about that. One year ago today, I didn't think I would be getting the immunizations and tests done for my entrance into nursing school. Nanny always told me I would be an excellent nurse. After she was diagnosed with cancer, she called me and talked to me about what she should do. Whether it be Chemotherapy or hospice. She chose the later. We talked about all of her options with both over the phone. She would be so proud of me to know that in January I start nursing school. One year ago today, I was in Auburn when I got the news my Nanny had gone to heaven to meet her Heavenly Father. I love you and miss you Nanny and think of you all the time.

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