Friday, March 20, 2009

Just a walk in the park, or swing rather.

Butterbean had his first park experience. Well, there wasn't much to it seeing as he is only 6 months old. But nonetheless, I do believe he had a good time. We spent majority of the time in the swings, you know since he can't do much of anything else. So after a good lunch of milk and butternut squash and green beans we left!
Don't you see his excitement?
So the first 10 minutes on the swing consisted of chewing on his hands. Did I mention we still don't have any teeth? I mean, I do of course, but Butterbean doesn't. You know what I mean. ahem. He became cozy after a while, and pulled his legs into the swing making it a mock bird's nest. He looked so comfy I really hated to ever leave. And just when I thought he was going to fall asleep, he noticed that the 50 other kids there weren't in the swing so he shouldn't be either. We then spent the rest of our time at the park watching the other kids run around. Such a fun day! He'll be up and running with those kids before long and I'll be chasing frantically after him. Then I'll remember days like this one and miss them.

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  1. Love his hat. I am glad he enjoyed his first trip to the park. It has been great weather lately!