Monday, April 27, 2009

Just another manic monday. . .

Oh yes, Monday is here again. I've thought long and hard about conspiring to stop Monday's from coming. But alas, they always do. I've tried skipping them and going straight to Tuesday. Didn't work. I've thought seriously about starting a petition to get the government to delete them from the calendar. How many signatures do I need? I've thought maybe changing the name Monday to "Sunday again" or "Friday at the beginning of the week." FATBOTW for short. Anything is better than Monday, right? My failed attempts just take me back to another Monday. So here I am, with a case of the Mondays. . . Today started off like any other day. Alarm clock goes off at 6am. The Butterbean wakes and hits me in the face, then rolls over on his side toward me and proceeds to kick me until I grumble and move. At which point, he lets out a squeal of delight that his mother is indeed alive. I peel myself out of bed. Prop the Butterbean on a pillow and let him watch the Disney channel while I shower, dress, and brush my teeth. I then wake up The Mr. and make him tend to the squirt. (he had the day off work) Feeding commences. A decandent breakfast of milk, oatmeal and peaches for the babe, cereal for me, and whatever grub The Mr could dig up at the moment. I run off to class to take a whole heck of a lot of tests. (Okay, well maybe just two. But that was enough for one day). I did okay on the first one. We then had a 3 hour break till the next test. So I did what any other well rounded over achieving student does. I studied of course! I studied outside. Got sunburned. Bad. My arms are on fire. Took the test. Did okay on it. Then left the school somewhat steamed at my grade, and the teacher, and the computer I took the test on, and just about anything else I could think of at the moment. Got home. Played with the babe. Played with the dog. Went to the grocery store. Ran the cart into a display of scotch tape containers. Knocked the whole thing over. (The Butterbean squealed with excitement and the new noise his mommy made). Picked up all 432 scotch tape dispensers and placed them on their shelves. Who puts cardboard displays in the middle of an aisle anyway? Genius. I then proceeded to run my cart into some woman's backside. Oops, Sorry about that. Obviously today isn't my "cart" day. I decide to leave the grocery store ASAP! Didn't want anyone to lose a limb. Drove home. Got stuck by the train. Butterbean screaming in the backseat. Unloaded groceries. The big bag broke. Groceries everywhere. Butterbean still screaming. Feed the babe. Make fajitas. New neighbors come by and my house stinks like onions and chicken. embarrasing. Bathtime! Bottle. Bed. Me? I'm currently being tortured by a breast pump. Then I need to study for a test on Wednesday. Then I'll go to bed. I'm seriously considering abandoning the whole "monday" movement. Who ever thought of them to begin with was seriously mistaken. Today would have been such a better day if it had been named "Friday at the beginning of the week."


  1. hey that stink of onions and chicken is like bragging that you made a home cooked meal! and i vote for calling Monday "Second Sunday."

  2. I am not a fan of Mondays either. Sounds like you had a busy one.. and I hate that you knocked the tape display over. Seriously I do stuff like that all the time in the store..then my face gets red and I start to sweat.