Friday, April 24, 2009

Good Morning Baltimore!

Well, I thought I had left my camera at my parent's house. I didn't. I didn't look hard enough in my suitcase. So I shall share some fabulous pictures of last weekends wedding extravaganza in Baltimore, MD. Like I said in a previous post, it was a wonderful weekend. We had beautiful weather, wonderful company, good food, gorgeous wedding, and a very hot hotel room. Yes, I said hot. Apparently, the hotel we stayed at controlled the temperature in every room. Let's just say, it made for an interesting stay. I will spare you the details. (Unless of course enough of you comment that you really really want to know the hot hotel story)
Anyhoo, Friday we did some very exciting sight-seeing. We took a Duck tour, toured the USS Constillation, and walked pretty much around the whole dowtown area.
The nephew (aka Thing 1) completely in his element.
The other nephew (aka Thing 2). He loves his Pooba (aka my dad)

The newlyweds, sporting the duck bill and all.

The sister being a fabulous tourist. Baltimore has a beautiful skyline.

The whole group that went on the duck tour. Good times and a lot of quacking.

The newlyweds with the sister, me and our future cousin-in-law! (very excited for October!)

Me and the Butterbean. Poor baby was so sick in this picture.

The sis and I smooching the Patriarch. Love you Papa. I find this picture hilarious. Do you think he's suprised, shocked, scared? His face is priceless!

We had such an awesome time! I would love to go back to Baltimore and really get to see the city and all the little touristy things to do. It's such neat place with many different cultures and so much to do!

Thanks cousin for inviting us to your beautiful wedding and letting me share in you special day! Congrats you guys! Love ya lots!

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  1. Looks like ya'll had a great time in Baltimore. I have never been there--would be nice to go. This duck tour sounds interesting.