Thursday, April 23, 2009

my finger hurts

I spent the entire day with a sore finger. I'd bump it on something and it would throb. I noticed a slight red spot. Checked it out. No big deal. Just took out my contacts. Ummm, yeah. It's a splinter the size of Alaska. Okay, well maaaaaaybe not Alaska, more like Michigan? Okay. fine. Maryland. But whatever, it hurts. But am I really that blind? don't answer that! And how did it get in my finger with out me knowing about it? I certainly haven't been around anything wooden today except my kitchen cabinets. What did I do today, you ask? I took a test, studied, rolled on the floor with the babe, vacuumed, went on a walk, ate dinner, studied some more. I don't know. I'm falling apart.


  1. my mom said that my dad recently complained about thinking he had a fracture in his foot. she finally got him to show her and when she put on her glasses, she saw it was just a big splinter

  2. I hate splinters... they make me cry. I am so glad Wicked was good... of course now I wish we had gone!