Tuesday, April 21, 2009

We're baaaaack!

We are back from our trip to Baltimore! It was a very exciting, fun, yet exhausting weekend. My cousin's wedding was absolutely gorgeous and it was so wonderful to see the whole family! I have a bunch of pictures to share with you all, but I forgot my camera in B'ham. go figure. So I'll post those as soon as I get a chance. Butterbean did great flying up there and back. On the way up there, he was a bit fussy when we changed altitudes, but otherwise did well. I tried to get him to take a bottle and paci to get his ears to pop. The flight home, he pretty much slept the entire way. He even slept during the landing. (and we all know how loud that is!) I was very proud of him! Have I told you all that we've been sick lately. I thought we were all finished with sickness around here. I was wrong. Apparently the Butterbean and I still are. Saturday, the day of the wedding, Butterbean ran a fever, wouldn't eat, had a terrible runny nose and cough. Thankfully, my parents took him for the day so I could go do bridesmaids stuff. Poor baby, he was absolutely pitiful. Sunday, I spiked another fever followed by a great stomach bug. I need say more. I felt so dehydrated by the time Monday rolled around, all I could do was lay on the couch. Luckily, because of all of the tornados and such on Sunday, I decided against driving back to Auburn. So when I suddenly spiked another fever Sunday night and into Monday, my mom jumped to the rescue and let me sleep all day while she tended to the babe. Thanks mom!!! We did go to the doctor today. Negative for the flu, Negative for RSV, Positive for Strep. Dr. G. thought it was a bit odd seeing as how I don't have tonsils and don't have any strep symptoms other than the fever Sunday night. His conclusion: probable strep, the stomach stuff a side effect of the anibiotics I'm taking for the two cases of mastitis I'm just getting over. (Mastitis totally sucks!) Dr. G ended up reluctantly treating both of us with antibiotics since he wasn't 100% sure what we had/have.
My poor baby. My poor sick little baby!
Hopefully the meds will kick in soon, and we'll kick this stuff to the curb. In the meantime, say some prayers for us. We need it.


  1. ugh...mastitis is terrible! i had it 6 times during the 6 months that i nursed and i wound up in the hospital the 6th time that i had it. i was on iv antibiotics for 3 days and had to quit nursing. it was so sad and...well...just horrible. :( i hope that you get better really soon. butterbean too!!! :)

  2. Mastitis is the worst, and I can only say that because of what Kimie went through. It was a nightmare! I feel so fortunate that I have never dealt with it.

    Hope you guys feel better soon. :) So sorry to hear you have had such a rough time with sickness lately...that is just no fun at all.