Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Just a quick post,

before we go gallivanting out of town tomorrow. The Butterbean and I, along with my parents, are headed to my cousin's wedding! It will be the babe's first airplane ride. Please say some prayers for us as we travel tomorrow and coming back into town on Sunday. I'm worried about Butterbean's ears popping with the changing in pressure and all. Since this week has officially been declared the week "all sicknesses come to play," I'm scared he will be screaming the whole time due to ear pain. Who knows, they may even kick us off the plane. And guess who's siting up now? Well, actually he's been sitting up for a couple weeks now. I just haven't posted it. I still sit behind him though, because he likes to throw himself back and look at mommy upside down. Silly guy!

(Check out the thighs on that baby)

Another must share website I ran across today. Is this one. The stuff they have is so very cute. I think I'm going to get Butterbean the onsie that says, Jesus loves me and so does my mommy.

Random thought/question of the day: TV shows are so graphic nowadays. Including cartoons! I am disgusted by the show Sponge Bob Square Pants. Good gracious, some of the innuendos of that show. . . My eyes have been opened up to different cartoons/kids shows lately.

If you do let your kids watch tv, what shows do you let them watch? How much is too much TV? I'm curious to get your opinions.

I think we will be screening what is watched in our household when he is older. Currently, we are sticking to the Baby Einstein dvd's, Veggie Tales, and Sesame Street. When the babe is in school they don't watch tv period, and when I'm home it's very limited. I always try to entertain him without the tv on.


  1. Good luck on your plane ride! I heard that if you let your baby suck on a pacifier or a bottle or even the breast during take off and landing it will help their ears not pop!

  2. you should look into the "Boz the Bear" series at Lifeway

  3. Veggie Tales are always good too - I think Lifeway has other cartoon-y series there too. Definitely not graphic :)

    P.S. Is the pic in your header from Easter? He's too cute in that little outfit!

    Good luck on the plane ride!