Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Reason number 5,367

why I know I have a baby boy. The crotch grabbing has begun. Oh yes! During diaper changes, baby grabs crotch. During bath time, baby grabs crotch. Rolling on the floor, baby stops, lifts legs in air and grabs crotch. In the highchair, baby puts his hands down there and grabs crotch. ::cries:: I'm surrounded by boys!!!! Even my dogs are male!


  1. haha. you should borrow my Dr. Dobson book "bringing up boys." he talks about that a lot and i like his perspective.

  2. lol. You poor thing! This is the only reason I'm scared to ever have a boy. (You've been nominated! Check out my blog for details)

  3. Welcome to my world. It only gets worse from there. Boys are from a different planet.
    Love ya,

  4. That is too funny.. I guess it starts early huh?!