Saturday, May 16, 2009

Twirps I mean Thrips

Does anyone know what these little microscopic, pestulant, swarming insects are? I'll tell you what they are! They are twirps I mean, thrips! We first noticed these minuscule little creatures back in September. My mom and dad were here visiting. We went to sit out on the back patio and were quickly covered in these biting, itchy, little bugs. I completely freaked out because they were covering my tiny newborn infant! We quickly went back inside and changed clothes to get these little things off of us. Luckily, that day, my dad and The Mr. ended up spraying the yard to try to get rid of them. I don't think they insecticide worked all that well, but it seemed to help.
Fast forward to present day. . .
After the first pool died, The Mr. and I decided to risk it once more and buy a second. So we spent some time putting the very appreciated second pool in.
Butterbean helping daddy putting the filter together.

Butterbean is so happy to help!

So after the pool went in, we noticed the twirps thrips were back! UGGHH! So we sprayed. And sprayed. And sprayed some more. They had covered the outside of the pool.

So we did a little internet research and come to find out they are attracted to blue (check). The outside of the pool is blue.

They are attracted to white and yellow (check, check). So that's why they are all over the back door and Butterbean's float.

They are attracted to humans (check). That's why they land all over us and bite us.

They live in moist environments. (check) Great. Is it too much to ask to get our back yard to stop flooding!

They like to breed in mulch. (check) If we had known this, we would have not put down new mulch in the backyard three days ago.

We are still battling the Thrips. However, I do believe that the various chemicals dispersed throughout the yard have done damage on their dwelling. We are hoping they all experience a quick death, very very soon.

If anyone has any advice on how to get rid of these awful little creatures, please help!!!!

Until then:

Much love!

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  1. I have never heard of these things, but they sound annoying. You just need to get a net and put over the whole backyard. There's a project for the husband!