Sunday, June 21, 2009

How about something random

I have about 20 random things on my mind right now. First things first is Happy Father's Day!!! Second, so many things in life are ironic. Like when I crossed the border into Alabama and Lynard Skynard's Sweet Home Alabama was playing on the radio. Ironic? I think so. Only due to the fact that I don't like living here. There are many places in the US I'd rather live. I actually feel like a cat trapped in a plastic box full of water trying to claw my way out. How 'bout them apples! Next, the weather men where my sister resides cannot predict the weather. They might as well have just thrown some random people from off the street in front of a green screen and told them to tell the viewing area there was a chance of rain. Take for example the other day. We were sitting in her living room, when the tornado sirens went off. Turned on the news nothing. Sure it was raining outside, no they weren't testing the sirens, and yes I got on to check out what was happening. Nothing but a flash flood watch. A few hours later when the sky turned brown. (yes, brown!) and hail started falling and there was a definite wall cloud, there were no tornado sirens to be found. So I got on and a tornado was headed straight for where we were. Turned on the tv to see what the weather man was saying, "There is some rain here ::points to screen:: the weather could get bad, and we could see some flooding." No mention of the current tornado right around the corner. Was he even looking at the radar? The Butterbean has learned how to clap and can now squawk like a bird. The later is not as cute as the clapping. It's hot! Our pool has turned into bath water. I'm very happy to only be back in the armpit of the South for one week. Then back up to cooler temperatures for a couple more! YAY! Why come back for only one week? Why not just stay up in the north? Well, my friends, we have D.A.R.E. camp this week. And this is the one week in the summer that The Mr. enjoys working a lot. He gets to go to camp and play with the kids. I, on the other hand, with the Butterbean in tow will be going to help cook in the kitchen, prepare snacks, play with the kiddos, etc. It should be a lot of fun! So how about that for some randomness?

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