Saturday, October 24, 2009

Taking a walk.

For his first birthday, we got the Butterbean this:
And he loves it! The Mr. and I usually try to go cruising around the neighborhood a couple times a day. (weather permitting) It has a little horn that he honks. He loves to wave at his friends in their strollers. We thought about getting him a wagon, but glad we decided on this! Anyhoo, I captured a few snap shots that I thought were cute and figured I'd share them.
He is growing so fast! Total tooth count is 7!! And he's cruising around furniture, though not walking by himself. I'm sure it will be awhile till he walks. Sweet little guy would rather just observe than participate. We sure do love him though!


  1. Sweet boy! I love the last picture of him peeking out of his hood. He is precious!

  2. I love the last picture! He's so adorable. And he looks like he's having a blast! You did good parents. :) You did good.

  3. He is such a cutie!! He looks like he is loving that!! It has been nice in the afternoons to get out and walk. A little chilly in the mornings!