Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Commercial Chaos

'Tis the season for those wonderful holiday-filled consumer driven commercials. Ah, yes. 'Tis the season indeed. For those of you that have been following my blog for quite a bit, you may remember this post. For those of you that did read that post, then you are quite familiar with my love/hate relationship with commercials. Lets just say that this will be a slight continuation of that post so long ago. I love the holidays. Family time, Christmas time, a time of celebration of the birth of our Lord and Savior, thanksgiving, and praise. Such a magical, wonderful time of year! Christmas commercials do have a place in my heart. I love them. . . well. . . most of them. Gap got it right this year! Did you see the little girls dancing around and cheering in their precious little holiday outfits? So cute! But not only that, one little girl freaks out in the middle of it. (hilarious!) I can't get enough of that commercial! Or the Best Buy commercials. Who puts their employees to work Christmas caroling? And it's great how they attack or sing to random passerbuy's on what to buy their loved ones. And then there's the Folger's coffee. All about family of course. As it is every year. The Hershey's kisses pretending to be bells. Another classic. But let's not get all caught up in my favorite commercials, let's talk jewelry. Your trying to tug on my heartstrings, aren't you, Kay, Zales, and Jared? But unfortunately, you are pulling on my gag strings. "Every kiss begins with Kay." Oh Puh-lease. I'll place my bets on this one, Kay jewelers. And I bet I win. I'm fairly certain every kiss does not begin with Kay. Maybe the letter, k. But I don't need a piece of jewelry to allow me to kiss someone. Ever. "He went to Jared? Really? Did he go there? OMG! Like, wow! He went to Jared!" Jared. . . no offense to you, but if my husband went to Jared, I would ask, "How is Jared doing?" I don't understand your commercial tactics at all. Honestly, it sounds like someone going to the godfather. Measly male: Godfather, aka Jared, I need your permission to have some jewels. Godfather: Yes, you may have jewelry. But first you must go attack someone in a back alley to get them. (He went to Jared. . . pushhhhhh-aw) One thing that all jewelry commercials have in common is the desperate attempt at combining the maximum amount of human emotion into a 20-30 sec TV spot. Oh yeah. They do. If we can't get you with true love guilt, then one of the other 37 emotions in the commercial will get you to buy our earrings. ::shudder:: And how about all of the love's embrace, never-ending, forever-theme creations that they design for the Christmas season. ::gag:: I understand the male species needs assistance in getting bling for the opposite sex. But don't put it in a commercial. Seriously. I would be disappointed if I got something "symbolic" like that and then saw it on a commercial. Boooo, way to take my moment away Kay!!! Only 500,000 other women have my same necklace. Not so sentimental anymore. Why not just wait until the husband/boyfriend/fiance/"just a friend I swear", walks into the store and then bombard him with your "symbolism" then. That way, when he gives the gift to the little lady, she will feel one of a kind. Bet ya didn't think of it that way did you, Jared? So bring on the reindeer, Santa's, baby Jesus in a manger. But please spare me the jewelry holiday commercials. As Ham from The Sandlot (circa 1993) would say, " Your killin' me Smalls." ::gag::


  1. Yet another reason why I love you so!!! I totally agree with you!

    Although there was on diamon commercial around Mothers Day last year or the year before that gets me every single time. I'll have to find the link!

  2. Ooooo, please do. I'd love to see the link. It may possibly be the only jewelry commercial exception.


    I just watched it at work without my volume on and I still cried!!! lol I even cried before I was a mom, but now I just cry harder! Enjoy and let me know what you think!

    P.S. We got your Christmas card and Nathan is utterly adorable!!!!

  4. i hate the "i'm still learning sign language but somehow we have a deep enough relationship that i can buy you jewelry" commercial. seriously - you just learned how to say merry christmas, and you know her THAT well?

  5. Omg, Susan. . . tear jerker!

    And Camille, I completely forgot about that one!!! That one drives me nuts too. ugggh!