Monday, December 7, 2009

A Mess!

This is a face of someone who knows how to make a mess:
It's a cute little face isn't it? You may think this little face looks so sweet and innocent. But looks are deceiving my friends. . . looks are deceiving.
Case in point:
This is a mess. Notice the side-eye the dog is giving. Even the dog knows, this is not correct manners.
This indeed, is a mess.
And this little face, is capable of such messy behavior. But I forgive him. Afterall, he's just so darn cute!


  1. awe, he's just helping you clip coupons

  2. LOVE!!!!! He is seriously the cutest little boy ever. He and Em would get along great. She was helping me read the paper yesterday and was tossing stuff everyehwere as well!

  3. He sure is a cute little mess! And, he looks very innocent in those pictures! It is amazing how they can make a room look like a tornado ran through it in a matter of minutes!