Saturday, January 23, 2010

I think I'm in love.

Those who know me know I don't bake. My idea of baking is buying some cookie dough, plopping it down on a cookie sheet, tossing the cookie sheet into the oven, praying they don't burn, and BAM (my best Emeril impression), I have cookies. Or better yet, going to the store buying one of those Key Lime pies that all you have to do is defrost. Now that, is my idea of baking!
Well, I signed myself up to make a dessert for some volunteers up at our church. Instead of doing my normal, buy pie let it defrost ritual, I decided to bake a cake. gasp. shock. awe.
I know, right?!?
So I bought some cake mix. (You didn't actually think I would make it from scratch did you? ha!) Searched for a great icing recipe. (I'm not a fan of icing from a container) And went to work on my cake. And yes, I prayed the whole time that my cake wouldn't burn. But I did buy extra cake mix, just in case.
It worked! I didn't burn it!
So, onto the frosting.
While digging into the great abyss that is my kitchen appliance storage cabinet to find my hand mixer, I came across this bad boy:
Now, I've had this puppy for a few years now. Never used it. Sad, I know. So I decided to give it a gander.
After removing several pots, pans, other various kitchen appliances, and getting stuck in the cabinet itself (yes stuck! You've really got to see this cabinet), I finally succeeded in pulling the 40 lbs appliance from the very spot in which it has sat for the past three years.
I washed it, poured the frosting ingredients in, turned it on and magic happened. The sound of the spinning whisk was heavenly. So much different from my hand mixer, which will make your ears bleed. Quiet. Soothing. And best of all, it was mixing my frosting while I assembled cake layers. Wonderful.
I think I'm in love with it. That, and my Pampered Chef garlic press.
So in the end, I had a cake and wonderful frosting to go along with it, thanks to my mixer. I'm pretty sure I will never go back to my screeching, ear bleeding hand mixer ever.
So here's the cake:
I actually decorated it myself!!! Can I getta "Woot, woot"?


  1. you did the sides with a pampered chef gadget?

  2. Ok hold the phone. You have a kitchen aid and have never used it?!?! ::passes out::

    The cake is CUTE too! Methinks you need to start baking more! :)

  3. Haha, no Camille. I did the sides of the cake with an icing bag, and piped on the decorations. I was saying that I'm in love with my mixer and my Pampered Chef garlic press. That garlic press is probably my favorite kitchen gadget ever!!! ;)

  4. you did a amazing job on the cake. i can not believe you have not been using your mixer. i love my kitchen ade although i think it is on it's lost leg.

  5. The cake looks fabulous!! I cannot believe you haven't been using that awesome mixer. I really want to invest in one of these. And I love my PC garlic press.. but I love anything PC

  6. I almost died when you said you've never used your mixer. At this point in my baking career I am 99.9% absolutely sure that I would cut off an appendage to have one! Your cake turned out great!

  7. Beautiful! I LOVE my KitchenAid. Could not do without. :)

  8. Ha! I too have one of those and it sat for nearly 4yrs. I used it for the first time last month during the holiday season.

    And, my I just say your cake is beautiful!

  9. It looks great!!!!! And I love my kitchen aid too. I use it for anything and everything. It is the best appliance I own!!!!!