Thursday, January 21, 2010

Tiny toddler, Say what?

It's no suprise that the Butterbean is a talker. After all, he has me, ahem, as his mother. And yes ladies (and quite possibly gents) I am a talker.
So the Butterbean has said quite a few things lately that have me quite amazed at his ability on picking up on words. He's like a tiny little sponge, just sucking it all in.
So he recently learned how to say lights. It's so sweet when he says it too. He'll walk over to the lights, point to them and say "@ss". So innocent and sweet, but yet he says, a word I really don't want him to learn. sigh.
Every animal says, "meow".
Me: What does a cow say?
Butterbean: meeeeeeeeeee ow
Me: No baby, a cow says moo.
Butterbean: moo
Me: Yay!! (I usually clap my hands) What does a cow say?
Butterbean: meeeeeeeeeee ow
Tonight we were sitting on the couch and he was resting his head against my chest. Sweet little guy pointed at the T.V. and said "guy". (He indeed was pointing at a guy on t.v.) Where did he learn that? So I said, yes baby, that is a guy. Then the Butterbean repeated "a guy". Maybe coincedence. But he's done it twice since then, to random men on the t.v.
He gives kisses now with great expression, saying "Muuuuuuh!" as he gives them. And not lets forget how he addresses EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON. when grocery shopping by addressing them as "Hi, baby!" This greeting warrants 99.9% of persons shopping to stop and talk to him, ask about him, his age, and what not. But sometimes, I'd like to get in and out of Kroger in less than an hour. He's just so friendly. When I am in the mood to shop, we go on Wednesdays, Senior day. The older folks get a kick out of him. And he doesn't mind getting his cheeks pinched. He even knows how to throw in a fake laugh or two. Silly kid.
Ah, yes, my sweet Butterbean. My talker. My lover of words. My little copycat. My little man full of laughter and kisses. Can't wait till he starts speaking in sentences and I get to hear his thoughts.

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  1. Oh I miss the "Hi baby" stage. Isabelle used to do that all the time! Now she says, "Well hey there! Whats been going on?" To ANYBODY she sees!