Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Love poem

We don't really celebrate Valentine's Day in our house. We usually go out to eat as a family (it's about love afterall and we love love love our baby boy!) and maybe give each other cards. This year I picked up The Mr. and nice card telling him precisly how I felt about him. It was a little mushy, yes. But sweet nonetheless. I was proud of my little card. The night before Valentine's Day, The Mr. got a really urge to go to the grocery store. He was acting a little funny, so I asked him why exactly was he going. I kept prying until he finally told me that he needed to go get a card. I told him that it was just ridiculous and he need not get me a card. And if it was really important to him he could just make me one. He agreed and decided not to go to the store. The next morning, I woke up, stretched, got out of bed, and grabbed up the Butterbean and went into our living room. There was a folded, stark white piece of paper with a giant heart with an arrow drawn on it. Awwwww. . . he actually made me a card. I got teared up and then smiled at the sweet card he had made for me. I opened it and inside was this: Roses are red Violets are blue I'll let you kiss me, If I can kiss you too. Will you be my Valentine? True love, my dear friends. That is true love. Love my hubby!


  1. That is so sweet! We do not do much for Valentine's Day either. I did get him a card this year (but could not find it.. hopefully I will find it and give it to him for Easter.. haha).

  2. Don't you just love homemade cards?! Matt and I always make homemade cards for each other. Real cards are overpriced. What a sweet man you have!

  3. That is just the sweetest thing ever!!!