Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Sometimes I wish I spoke "baybee".  I know I did at one point in my life, but I lost that skill a long time ago. 

Today the Butterbean had a friend over to play, while his mom was at work.  I decided to take the kiddos on a little wagon ride around the neighborhood to get some fresh air and enjoy the warm weather. 

I was tugging them along in the wagon when I heard this:

 The Butterbean:  Mama
 Friend:  Mama, Dada
BB:  Mama
F:  Mama, Dada
BB: Maaaaaaaaama
F: Mama, Daaaaaaaaaada!
(they started to both scream at this point)

I interupt with a  "Look you two, an airplane"
BB:  Airplane
F: plane
BB::  Beee- buum  (translation:  big bump.  We had just hit the curve.  I know, I'm a terrible wagon driver)
F:  DOG!  (after hitting the curve we passed a dog)

BB:  babababababab pbthhhhhhhhhhhhh, (throwing his hands in the air and hitting his head)  Peee-boo! (translation:  peek-a-boo)
F: (laughing hysterically)  dadadadadadadad, nononononononononono!

Then the two started laughing and began to speak what I like to refer to as "baybee". Which in my book, is a serious conversation between two parties under the age of two that involves big hand gestures, hysterical laughter and continuous babble, in which the adult listener has no idea what is being said.

If only I had my video camera with me. It was precious!


  1. OMG that is freaking adorable!!!!! Next time, you must have your video camera. I often wish I knew what Em was saying since she thinks she's pretty darn funny most of the time!

  2. I love it! I love blogging about conversations, just think how much more interesting and funny they will be in the next year.