Thursday, April 1, 2010

A little egg hunt

Yesterday, the Butterbean had his very first egg hunting experience!  A little unsure what to do, he started his egg hunt by watching all the other little kiddos running and diving toward the eggs. 

The Mr. helped the Butterbean by directing him toward the eggs, which the Butterbean lovingly referred to as "balls".

He found his first "ball" and picked it up. Unsure of what to do with his new ball, he looked over toward me and shrugged.

After The Mr. guided him to placing the egg in his basket, he started to get the hang of what he was supposed to do.

So, he searched.

And he came across a little blue egg.

He was so excited!  The Mr. showed him that the eggs actually open and that there was candy in them.  So he spent the next several minutes eating candy from his eggs.  He actually ended up finding another little yellow egg.  He was proud of his three little eggs, and so was I.

After the sugar rush wore off, we had a tired little Butterbean and headed toward home.


  1. ::squeee:: I love the last one. I love all of them but the last one melts my heart. :)

  2. Look at that sweet face. I am glad the first official Easter egg hunt went well. Hope you guys enjoy your Easter!