Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Blog slacking

So I realized I've been blog slacking. . .  I really have and I apologize. 

The Butterbean is about to hit the big 22.  22 months that is.  And at 22 months, he has hit the terrible two's early. 
  • Temper tantrums-check
  • indecisiveness- check
  • finicky eating- check (today he's only eating fish for dinner. . . at least it's fish though and not cookies
  • getting ready to potty train- check (He's beginning to show interest in the potty and has even come up to me holding his diaper saying "Mommy, I poop, I poop.")  I think we'll begin to actually sit on the potty next month.
I need to upload pictures, but frankly I haven't edited any. I've just been editing client pictures.

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