Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Butterbean and the Library: a short story

Finally, after weeks of wanting to get one, I gave in and did it.  I had one a super long time ago, and for whatever reason it disappeared and I haven't had one since. 

So yesterday, I finally buckled down and decided "today was the day".  I gathered the Butterbean's sippy, a few diapers, wipes, and tossed them in the diaper bag, buckled the Butterbean in the car seat and off we went to the library to finally get the library card we have so desperately needed.

We pulled up to the public library, I got the kiddo out of the car and we walked in together.  The Butterbean gibber gabbered excitedly as he held on tightly to my finger, as we walked up to this unfamiliar building.  Outside a middle-aged woman sat talking on her cell phone.  The Butterbean waved at her and smiled.  She stopped talking on her cell and said to him, "God did a wonderful job on you."  I smiled and thanked her as I pulled the heavy doors open and got the Butterbean inside. 

We were greeted by a sweet librarian who assisted me in filling out the info for getting a card.  It took a little longer than expected and I could tell the Butterbean was getting antsy, so I sat him up on the counter with me, so he couldn't run off.  The tall ceilings and tile floors were quickly discovered to be a great acoustic stage fit for the Butterbean when he let out a little scream, due to me having a death grip on him atop of the counter.  He giggled after he heard that echo.  And I saw the gleam in his eyes as he began to let out another scream.  I quickly scoulded him and gave him a firm no, and a "sweetheart, we don't scream in the library." This was only fuel to the fire as he let out scream after scream, despite me having my hand over his mouth by this point.

The librarian could tell I was having a difficult time with him and told us to go pick out a book.  She guided us over to where the children's section was and we were on our way.  The Butterbean and I were finger in hand, until he saw all the bright colors hanging from the children's section and took off running.  I chased him down the short corridor into the children's section.

I finally caught up to him when he stopped dead in his tracks.  I squatted down to his level and told him he must not run from mommy as that was not a good thing to do.  As I was talking to him, he was glaring at all the books placed neatly on the shelves.  I saw the excitement come across his face as he quickly ran over to the shelves yelling, "BOOK, BOOK, BOOK!!!". 

By the time I caught up with him he had already pulled three books off the shelves and thrown them on the floor. (this is what he does at home. Grabs a book and throws it on the floor as I pick it up and put it back on the shelf)  I knew what he was thinking the instant I saw that twinkle in his eye.  We only have about 50-60 books at home.  Here he has thousands upon thousands. What an awesome mess this would be! 

I placed the three books back up on the shelf as he quickly grabbed more and threw them on the floor. It was a vicous cycle.  I tried distracting him by saying, "look at the pig, rabbit, etc"  It didn't work. He knew my tricks and distraction techniques.

 I gave up trying to clean up and picked him up.  Big mistake.  He looked at me and screamed in anger as he kicked and flung himself around like a fish out of water trying to escape my hook of a grasp.  I told him to stop.  It didn't work.  So I grabbed the first book I could off the shelf and we walked to check it out. 

Under my left arm in a football hold, the Butterbean continued to scream as I walked faster and faster to the counter. We checked out the book and left as the Butterbean screamed. 

Can't say I ever want to take him back to the library.  I know I will.  Someday.  Or in two weeks, when the book is due.

But next time, I'm going to put him in the stroller.


  1. This is hilarious! Looks like you have a little book lover on your hand!

  2. Love to hear how 'normal' he is!! sorry. heehee. I once carred two little girls doing the same mad thing ~ under my arms / football hold ~ from a park in Montevallo long ago. I could only laugh at how crazy it seemed.

  3. I'm sooo glad I stopped by ! Your blog is very nice and I can't wait to read more !! By the way I'm your newest follower !