Sunday, September 26, 2010

Tiny Toddler Say What?

Now that the kiddo is speaking sentences on a fairily regular basis, things in our household have gotten even more interesting.  Take for instance last week as I was putting the garbage can out to the curb:

Butterbean:  "pee-pul tash mommy!  pee-pul tash"
Me:  That's right honey, that's people trash.

As we are driving down the road the Butterbean spots a gargage truck and screams: "MOMMY!!! It's PEE-PUL TASH!!!"

Me:  Yes baby, that is the gargage truck that picks up the people trash.

Yesterday as he was running around through the house staring up at the ceiling:  "Bee-cu, ooo are you bee-cu?  Mommy, ooo are you mommy?, Igee, ooo are you Igee?"

Translation:  Biscuit, where are you Biscuit (our dog).  Mommy, where are you Mommy?  And Isaak, where are you Isaak (his best friend)  (He loves to play hide and seek and this is what he says when he's the seeker)

Have I told you that I'm pretty sure that he's going to be one of those kids that can tell you every year, make and model of every vehicle ever made?  Oh I haven't?  Well, let me tell you. . .
This kid knows what everyone of his little friends rides in.  We were in the parking lot of the grocery store the other day and he says, " Mommy, das Ella's car"
So I turned and looked at the car he was pointing at.  Sure enough. . . it was indeed the same make and model of the car that his sweet little friend rides in.  And what's even scarier is that he's done this numerous times pointing out the various cars that he friends ride in.  wowzers.

The other day I asked him to say "Pocahontas."  And he said it. Perfectly.   So I said, "How about Sacagaweeha"  And he mumbled a litle bit then said, "wee-aaaaaaaahhhh!" 

I sure do love to hear his little thoughts being voiced.  I wonder what he'll say next!

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