Monday, September 13, 2010


I am often intrigued by what my TWO year old says.  Today was no exception. 

While we were playing inside around the house, the Butterbean runs over to me and says, "Jer-ome".  I asked him who Jerome was.

He said, "Jer-ome". 

I said, "Oh really?  I still do not know who this Jerome is, sweetheart." 

A little louder her said, "Jer-ome."

I again explained that I wasn't sure who Jerome is, and how he knew a Jerome is beside me.  As we don't know anyone by that name.  (I was growing a little concerned by this point, imagining ways my child had met a Jerome and who this mystery person was.)

The Butterbean then screamed, "JER-OME!!!".  And then scampered out of the living room toward his bedroom.

A few minutes later he came back holding his shoes.

"Jer-ome, mommy."

And then it clicked. . . He was trying to say shoes-on. 

I guess he wanted to go outside and play.

Mommy fail.

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  1. lol. aaron has started signing "more" for everything. when he wants to go outside. when he wants to watch a video. it's ridiculous!