Monday, December 13, 2010

War Eagle!

There has been quite the array of celebrating around our house lately.  Besides celebrating Thanksgiving, my graduation, upcoming Christmas festivities, we have been celebrating our Auburn Tigers! 

As an Auburn fan, I have been waiting for a fun season like this one has been to share with the Butterbean.  So when Auburn won the SEC Championship, what else could an Auburn family do who live in the town of Auburn?  Well, you grab some toilet paper, put a coat on your two year old, grab the camera, and go downtown to Toomer's corner where you will meet thousands of Auburn fans celebrating in the street.  Auburn cheer's, pictures and the celebratory rolling of the tree will take place.

And take place it did!  There were so many people down there, I'm pretty sure the tree couldn't hold anymore toilet paper.  There were globs of it all over the street. 

The Mr. and I had a great time introducing the Butterbean to Auburn culture.  Needless, to say the Butterbean was a little confused and didn't quite know what was going on, but went with the flow anyway.  We ran into several other friends and their families and took a few pictures.

And yep, that's us standing in front of the gorgeous toilet paper background!  Another failed family picture. But it was the best we got. In the other pictures, the Butterbean insisted on hiding behind the toilet paper. Notice the Butterbean's death grip on the toilet paper.  He knew what was going to happen to it. . .

And yes, we did meander our way up to the tree and watched as our celebratory roll hooked itself around a limb then disappeared into the crowd below.  But I'm positive I saw someone pick it back up and continue wrapping it around the branches. 

War Eagle! So proud of our Tigers, Cam Newton's Heisman win, and playing for a national championship.

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