Monday, August 25, 2008

Weekend update!

Well, it was a good weekend. It started off Saturday with Tropical storm Fay making a little visit. Don't get me wrong, we needed the rain desperately. However, I could have done with out all of the tornado sirens going off constantly. Despite Fay making her appearance, my parents decided to brave the weather and come on down to Auburn to visit for the day. They took me shopping for my birthday. I told them I wanted a tree. So you guessed it, we went shopping for a tree in the middle of the storm. (Good times!!!) We had the gardening department at Home Depot all to ourselves! My poor dad got soaked as he carefully inspected each plant for the perfect specimen! I was holding the umbrella for him close by. My mom, dad and I, although a little bit soaked from the rain, then went furniture shopping for a bit. My parents are currently in the market for a small leather sectional. Anyhoo, after being out in the pouring rain and wind, we went home and had a delicious meal of chicken spinach lasagna, cheesy bread, salad, and a great strawberry cake! YUM! As if that lunch wasn't enough, Brock decided to take me out to eat later on that night. We of course went and ate some Japanese food! (My choice of course) When we got home I recieved a great gift of maternity clothes. (I've been complaining to Brock that nothing is fitting me anymore) I've been living in the same pair of stretchy pants and few shirts for a few weeks now. I'm thrilled to have something that actually fits and is comfortable again! On a side note, I'm sad the Olympics are over. I was enjoying the world unity while it lasted.


  1. Thats funny! I got maternity clothes last year for my birthday from Tucker too. He was tired of hearing me complain about clothes! :) Hope everything is going well. Happy Birthday!

  2. we need a new picture to see how big nathan is getting!