Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Momnesia (noun): the loss of a memories or a series of thoughts due to the onset of motherhood and lack of sleep. Oh yes people, momnesia exsists. Those who are moms will agree with me. You know, when you walk into the kitchen and can't remember why you walked in their in the first place. Or the common stop and stare. What you are staring at? Who knows. But it takes someone else coming into the room or a baby crying to jolt you out of the stare into the great abyss. I often catch myself staring into space. Lately I'm having trouble remembering what day it is and the time. I ask myself routine questions: Has Nathan pooped today? When did he eat last? When did I eat last? Geeze I'm hungry. Where is that paci? How did that get there? When did I shower last? Why is the remote in the refrigerator? Where are my keys? Where is my mind? My mind is surrounded by a constant state of fog. Sometimes, if you look real hard you can actually see the foggyness around my head. ::stares off into space:: What was I typing again?

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